GeoGuide Content Management System (CMS) - The Backend

• GeoGuide’s highly intuitive state-of-the-art Content Management System enables you to create and manage all the content within the app. It’s so easy to use, you don’t even need any IT experience to be able to do it! • We also collect valuable data for you, which we present to you in the CMS dashboard. Data includes Visitor demographic, number of app downloads, number of sessions, which places are interacted with the most, etc. • This information gives you valuable insight into trends and user behaviour, enabling you to make informed decisions on your marketing and other initiatives. • The GeoGuide CMS is built in Umbraco 8, which is renowned for being very reliable and easy to use. • You can update whenever and wherever you want because the GeoGuide CMS also works from your mobile device. All files are stored in the cloud so you can download them anywhere. • With a few simple steps you can create POIs, events, trails, vouchers, push notifications, quizzes, etc. Whatever the type of content, it is created following the same process, which makes it easy to do. • You can add text, pictures, audio, and video files to the content, and assign several administrators and editors to have access to the CMS. • When you’ve created or edited the content, simply push it to the app with a single click of a button and the update is live. • If you ever get stuck with a problem, you can refer to our video tutorials, that explain everything you need to know about using the CMS. But you are of course also welcome to contact us, we’re always happy to help you.

Create routes, places, facilities, and more

GeoGuide offers an easy way to create your content. Create places quickly and easily add GPX files to routes. Add video, images, and audio to enhance the experience. Check out much more on our YouTube channel, where we demonstrate how easy it is to use.

Get the overview

We have developed a dashboard with the most important information so you can follow how your guests use the app. Keep track of the number of downloads, how often the app is used, the most popular places and routes, and more.

Media archive

The GeoGuide backend has a built-in media archive that stores all your photos, videos, GPX files, etc. You can access your files from PC/Mac and mobile. In the office and on the go. Whoever uploaded the files.

Easy translation into multiple languages

GeoGuide backend comes with input fields for quick translation into multiple languages. Simply open translations of your content next to the original language and make sure your translations match the original content. The language of the app is determined by the language of the guest's phone and the default language you define.