Developed in collaboration with national parks, municipalities, and attractions

GeoGuide gives your organisation a single digital solution to enhance outdoor experiences. We want to support and expand people’s experience in nature so we offer an app concept where everyone can participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Global trend:
    • Visitors demand a digital mobile presence from Destinations.
    • Research shows that 50% of Visitors use a mobile app in search of local information when visiting a Destination.
    • Visitors’ main wish is for the Destination to suggest to them what outdoor experiences are available.
    • In other words: They want to hear from you!
  • With GeoGuide, you can:
    • Meet the growing global demand for a digital mobile presence with a tried and tested state-of-the-art Visitor app.
    • Promote local businesses and stakeholders and generate revenue both for your organisation and area.
    • Communicate directly with Visitors and tell them about experiences and events nearby.
    • Showcase smaller and lesser-known places, attractions and routes to give your Visitors more authentic experiences.
    • Collect valuable data of Visitor demographic and user behaviour. Use this insight to make informed decisions on your marketing and other development initiatives.
  • Mobile-responsive websites are essential these days, as more and more people use mobile devices when browsing the internet.
  • However, GeoGuide is a native app, and therefore a completely different tool for your Visitors to use when they’re ‘on location’. Through the GPS tracking device on the smartphone, the interaction with the app centers around the Visitor’s exact location, thus opening opportunities for you as a Destination, to provide relevant information to your Visitors where they currently are.
  • You can suggest experiences to your Visitors, promote local stakeholders, create loyalty and generate revenue. The Visitors’ experience is enhanced; they feel you know them because you know where they are.
  • You won’t have this opportunity just with a mobile responsive website.
  • Improved smartphone technology and changing user behaviour has increased the demand for native Destination apps. Research shows that 50% of Visitors now use an app to find information about what to do in the local area, once they’ve arrived at their Destination. And the number is growing. When Visitors are asked what they want from a Destination app, they answer ‘more outdoor experiences’, and for the Destination to ‘surprise them’ with suggested experiences.
  • Before smartphone technology, we used to carry tourist information in paper formats when we travelled around the country, but now that has all changed. The GeoGuide Destination app is your 21st-century digital travel guide.
  • Yes, GeoGuide works offline! Content such as maps, routes, POIs and general information is available even when offline. The mobile phone’s GPS unit tracks the position on the map, showing a blue dot.
  • The size of the app depends on how much content you as a Destination have added to it. Media files (pics, audio, video) take up the most space on the phone and are therefore not automatically downloaded when users first download the app.
  • Visitors can choose to download the whole app before they travel, including media files, so they don’t miss out on anything when they’re on location. They can choose to do this when they first download the app or later via the ‘settings’ button.
  • As a Destination, you can also inform your Visitors about areas with weak network coverage and suggest they download all of the app’s info before going there.
  • Yes, through a so-called API integration. This integration allows data to flow automatically from one platform to another, for example, from your website to the GeoGuide app.
  • Creating an API integration comes at an extra one-off cost. But once made, it reduces the workload. It is a good solution if your Destination is more of a dynamic nature, i.e., if your members have access to edit their own page on your website, if you have many changing events, etc.
  • Extensive research in the experience industry shows that Destination apps are in high demand among Visitors. However, if you don’t have a budget and can’t commit staff resources to manage your Destination app, it goes without saying that it won’t work for you.
  • Instead, we advise you do your own research and consider whether or not investing in this area is right for you. If it is, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to show you how a new sales & communications channel – directly to your target market – can work for your organisation.
  • You do. When the app is up and running, you control when and where you want to make edits and updates to the content. You do this in the intuitive CMS, which is developed so people even without any IT experience can operate it.
  • Still, if you’re unsure about anything, just let us know and we’ll help you.
  • It is totally up to you how much time you spend, and to a large extent, it depends on what type of Destination you are. For example, information about historic sites, waterfalls, scenic routes,, rarely change much, while information about events and promotional offers do and therefore need to be updated more frequently.
  • That said, to take full advantage of the GeoGuide app, we do recommend that you set time aside to administer and update it.
  • As a communications and promotional tool, GeoGuide offers a direct channel to your Visitors. The information you publish on the app will enhance the Visitor experience in your Destination, as well as drive revenue for your organisation and area.
  • Very little! GeoGuide is a fully developed product, all you have to supply is the content for the app, such as texts and media files.
  • The intuitive GeoGuide CMS (Content Management System, where you add info about your area) is developed so people even without any IT experience can operate it.
  • To guide you even further, we’ve made tutorial videos of everything you need to know about operating, editing and updating the CMS.
  • We’re very proud of the result, but we will, of course, be ready to help you with anything you’re unsure of, just let us know.
  • The GeoGuide team will. Our developers are continuously monitoring updates of iOS and Android operating systems and make adjustments to the app when necessary, ensuring it always works.
  • We’re working in close partnership with all our clients to understand their requirements and their challenges. We talk about developments in the industry and within their Destination, and about what their Visitors want.
  • This has been our this approach ever since we developed the very first app solution eight years ago for one of our National Parks – who is still a client of ours today!
  • Having clients in different countries and from various sectors of the tourist industry gives us an incredible insight into research and trends. In turn, we can develop the GeoGuide app according to demand, with the newest technology and in line with best practice for app development.
  • GeoGuide is available in multiple languages. You simply choose the languages you want your app to appear in and paste your translations directly into the relevant text box in the CMS.
  • If you have chosen to show the app in several languages, e.g., English and Spanish and French, these text boxes are placed next to each other in the CMS, so you can quickly cross-check that your translation is correct.
  • In fact, when you subscribe to GeoGuide, you don’t just get a single app, you get two! This is because we’ve built one app to work on iOS and another to work on Android devices.
  • The GeoGuide developers are continually monitoring updates from Apple and Android to make sure the app works on all phones.
  • In the GeoGuide CMS, you can add as many users as you want and assign them different privileges: Admins and Editors.
  • Both can make changes, updates, add new listings, etc., but ONLY the Admins can publish them to the app.
  • The intuitive Content Management System (CMS) is where it all happens! It has been developed so people even without any IT experience can operate it without any problems. The CMS is cloud-based which means you can access it from anywhere, anytime.
  • From the CMS – also called the backend – you can upload all the information you want about your Places, Routes, Events, etc., drag and drop media files, and ‘push’ updates to the app with a single click.
  • You can always refer to our extensive ‘How to’ video library, where we show you how to upload and add information and how to navigate the CMS in general.
  • If at any time you’re unsure about anything, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you.
  • We aim to have you up and running in 4-6 weeks, depending on how quickly you can get your information to us. Don’t worry if you can’t get absolutely every single bit of data onto the app to start with, you can still upload and edit as much as you want after the app goes live.
  • Once the data has been uploaded to the CMS and the app has been tested, we send it to the Appstore and Google Playstore for approval. Once approved, the app is ready to be downloaded.
  • Usually, the data you have now will be good enough to get you started. If needs be, it can be improved as you go.
  • If some data is missing, e.g., over your routes, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to create it.
  • We have a lot of experience with importing data from different databases into GeoGuide. If you need help with your data transfer, just let us know, we will help you.
  • Because of continual updates to mobile phone operating systems, apps need to be maintained to keep working.
  • If you have an app developed from scratch, not only will you have to fund that development, but you’ll also have to pay for the app maintenance every time there’s an update from iOS or Android.
  • However, with GeoGuide’s white-label app solution, the app maintenance is paid for through the licence agreement (the annual subscription), which means you’ll never have to worry about your app not working.
  • The GeoGuide App has cost millions of pounds to develop, and that amount keeps rising because GeoGuide is evolving all the time. When we receive client feedback and when new technologies become available, we develop new app modules and features accordingly.
  • Instead of paying millions of pounds to develop a Destination app yourself, we’ve created a subscription model that gives you access to use GeoGuide’s white-label app for an annual fee – WITH NO START-UP COST!
  • Your GeoGuide subscription guarantees the app is maintained and will keep working on Android and iOS devices. Should you want to pause or restart your subscription, you can do that anytime, with no extra cost.
  • This is an unbelievable opportunity to get a tried and tested state-of-the-art Destination app and meet the growing demand within the industry.
  • Visitors – as research shows – crave an app where they can access all the information about experiences, events, accommodation,, that the Destination they’re visiting has to offer.
  • On our prices page, you can get an overview of all available subscription packages.
  • Yes, you can! You can also add a link to the venue where the Event takes place, so your Visitors can book tickets directly with the organisers, by-passing expensive third-party booking platforms.
  • And as with Routes and Places, you can add a start and end date to the Event making it visible in the app for that period only.
  • You can also assign Vouchers to your Events and use location-based Push Notifications to promote them to your Visitors. For example, if one of your Visitors is passing by the venue in the days before the Event, you can set up the CMS to let them know automatically, that an Event will be taking place and that they can get a discount on tickets.
  • In the CMS, you can also see statistical data such as user demographic, number of downloads, number of active sessions, which places are interacted with the most etc. The data can be viewed in different intervals, e.g. per day/week/month/year.
  • This information gives you valuable insight into trends and user behaviour, enabling you to make informed decisions on marketing and other development initiatives.
  • You do. Your GeoGuide subscription allows you to upload, publish and promote your data on the GeoGuide platform, but the data is still yours.
  • Publish the news about your new Destination App on your website, social media, on all marketing material, printed guides, entrance signs, etc.
  • Combine already popular events in your Destination with the news about your new App and automatically get more downloads.
  • Use Vouchers to drive your Visitors to download and use your A For example, ‘Download our new App and claim a 2-for-1 meal Voucher.’
  • We have several suggestions for marketing the App depending on your Destination and setup. We will be available with help and support, so you get off to the best start possible.
  • In the GeoGuide CMS there is a ‘shading’ function, where you can mark areas on the map as no-go zones or as areas of particular animal sightings etc. The shaded areas will show up on the GeoGuide map where Visitors will see them.
  • Location-based Push Notifications can also be set up in the CMS to be sent automatically to Visitors, who are approaching no-go zones, restricted or hazardous areas. Smartphones have a GPS tracker built-in, which registers the position of the phone (the Visitor). If the Visitor approaches the restricted area, set by you in the CMS, they will receive a notification with the information you’ve drafted.
  • Still, we recommend that you also take other precautions when informing your Visitors of restricted or dangerous areas – don’t rely solely on technology!
  • In the CMS, under the ‘Recommend’ tab, you control which companies, places, attractions, and routes you wish to recommend or promote.
  • On the home screen in the App under ‘Recommend places’, these places etc., will appear as places or activities that you ‘Recommend’ to your Visitors.
  • We’ve developed the GeoGuide App to show the 10 ‘Recommended’ places etc., which are closest to the App user geographically, but there is no limit to the number of Recommendations you can make.
  • This helps to bring the App to life and make it relevant because the information changes as your Visitors move around the area.
  • You can also send out Push Notifications with offers and use Vouchers to engage your Visitors and encourage them to visit different areas and businesses within your Destination.
  • Yes. In the CMS, you can choose which nearby facilities you want to make your Visitors aware of. In the GeoGuide App, your Visitors have the option to filter what they want to be shown on the map, e.g., parking or toilets.
  • Furthermore, as a Destination, you also have the option to recommend which places, cafes, attractions, etc., in the area that your Visitors should know about.
  • This feature enables you to promote and give exposure to even the small, hidden places that Visitors otherwise would have missed, as well as run commercial campaigns to promote local attractions and businesses to increase revenue.
  • As with Points Of Interest (POIs) you can also show what facilities are located near to an Event. Very useful if Visitors need Bed & Breakfast accommodation after an evening Event.
  • That’s easily done. In GeoGuide’s intuitive CMS, you can add a start and finish date to Shops, Events, Routes or POI, and they will only appear in the app for that duration.
  • This feature enables you to be efficient and plan a whole season ahead if you know when Shops, Events, Routes and POIs are active.
  • Start and finish dates can also be added to Vouchers, Push Notifications,, which is another great management tool to give your Visitors a better overall experience in your Destination.
  • We use your logo and branding throughout the app, making it recognisable and fit in with your other marketing material.
  • GeoGuide operates a very simple and transparent subscription-based payment model.
  • First of all: THERE ARE NO START-UP COSTS! That means you can get up and running with your own state-of-the-art Destination App without paying anything for app development.
  • You pay annually, one year in advance, for your license to use the GeoGuide platform. You can opt-out or pause your subscription whenever you want at no extra cost.
  • You can choose between four different GeoGuide subscriptions, depending on what suits your organisation. The monthly cost is:
    • Starter £450
    • Informational £895
    • Commercial £1090
    • Enterprise £1320
  • See more prices on our prices page.
  • You can start from just 12 months to however long you want. Some of our clients get funding for projects (e.g., ‘Digital Projects’), but not for subscriptions. These clients pay for several years in advance depending on their budget size, and should their funding stop, they can simply pause their subscription until they have funding again.
  • Many of our clients face this dilemma, but there is usually a way around it. Often, GeoGuide qualifies for project funding such as ‘IT Development’, ‘Digital Initiatives’, ‘Economic Recovery’, ‘Tourism Development’, etc.
  • If the funding is large enough to pay for several years of GeoGuide subscription, then we’ll just make the contract length accordingly and you won’t have to worry about your subscription payment for that period of time.
  • It varies a lot. When GeoGuide is downloaded and installed on the phone, it takes up approx. 15-20MB. However, the full size of the app depends on how much content you as a Destination decide to add to it, media files (video, audio, pics) taking up most space. This content is not downloaded until it is accessed, i.e., when clicked on.
  • When opening the app for the first time, users can choose to download the app in full (incl. all media files), so it works in areas with no internet.
  • Actually, this can be done any time from within the app settings, and it’s a feature that is especially useful for large nature parks and outdoor areas, where cell phone signal is poor.
  • Whenever Visitors want to free up space on their phones, e.g., at the end of their stay at your Destination, they can do so in settings by tapping ‘Free up space’. This deletes all unnecessary app files from the phone.
  • The term ‘white-label’ means that both App and CMS have already been fully developed – and that to the highest standard. The App is ready to be populated with your content, logo and branding.
  • The GeoGuide Destination app has been tried and tested rigorously in the experience industry since the first version launched in 2013. And we continue to develop the App. We work closely with all our clients across different sectors of the industry to remain at the forefront of the latest trends and develop the App accordingly.
  • Collaborating closely with our clients is always our top priority and it has made GeoGuide the leading white-label Destination App on the market. It means you don’t have to invest time and large sums of money to develop your own app because the best one is already here.
  • You call us! We offer unlimited support regardless of which subscription you’ve chosen.
  • Yes. Just type in the search word or search phrase, and GeoGuide’s search function will find the matching information. We have also developed a speech function if you prefer this to typing. It’s a quick and easy way to find what you’re looking for when you’re on the move.
  • These are just terminologies for ‘Point Of Interest’ (a place, building, scenic spot,) and Content Management System’. A POI is created in the CMS and published in the GeoGuide app.
  • The intuitive, state-of-the-art CMS is the nuts and bolts of GeoGuide. This is where you manage everything within the app, such as writing information and uploading media files, create Places, Routes, Events, make Push Notifications, Vouchers, Quizzes and make recommendations of things to do etc.
  • In the CMS, you can also see statistical data such as user demographic, number of downloads, number of sessions, which places are interacted with the most etc. This information gives you valuable insight into trends and user behaviour, enabling you to make informed decisions on your marketing and other initiatives.
  • The GeoGuide Network is the core strength of GeoGuide. It is this network that keeps us at the forefront of trends and developments within the industry.
  • We work in close partnerships with all our clients to understand their requirements and their challenges. We discuss developments within the industry in general and within their Destination specifically, all done focusing on what the Visitors want.
  • This has been our this approach ever since we developed the very first app solution
    in 2013 for one of our National Parks – who is still a client of ours today!
  • Having clients in different countries and from various sectors of the experience industry, it gives us an incredible insight into research and trends.
  • In turn, we can develop the GeoGuide app according to demand, with the newest technology and in line with best practice for app development.

Complete independence from developers and others

GeoGuide comes with a standalone management system (Umbraco 8 CMS) that allows you to upload and update content at your convenience.

Your own app – styled with your colours and logo

Even though GeoGuide is a universal app, no two GeoGuide apps are the same. It is your title, your content, and your communication that define the quality!

We help you reach your goal

GeoGuide's data collection gives insight into visitor behaviour and is used to analyse tourism products and for destination development.

GeoGuide supports nature experiences for everyone!

The purpose of GeoGuide is to spread the knowledge of nature's experiences. We want to enhance the experience of outdoor spaces and nature with a digital twist. Your very own app can convey and tell the story of all the special places, routes, history, etc.

We are here to help you

Still in doubt as to whether GeoGuide is for you or your organisation? Or do you just want to spar about how you convey your digital experience? Get in touch with us by email or phone – we're here to help.