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You might think that with a new app comes huge costs for development and implementation? Not with GeoGuide. You get a new app on a pure subscription model, where you only pay from £350 per month with no extra costs of any kind!


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Your own app with no startup costs

£350 per month

Paid annually, in advance. All prices exclude VAT.

  • Places
  • Favourites
  • Routes
  • Contact information
  • Images, video and audio
  • Practical information
  • Categories
  • Colours
  • Search
  • Facilities
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Icon of the map add-on
  • Web map
  • £95/month

Present your places and routes in a map that can be used on your website, touchscreens, tourist information, etc.

Icon of swipe codes add-on
  • Swipe Codes
  • £57/month

Open places, routes, quizzes, and so on with swipe codes like those you use to unlock your phone.

Icon of the calendar add-on
  • Events
  • £83/month

Present events and activities in the app, including timing.

Icon of person running add-on
  • Orienteering Run
  • £22/month

Guide your users through an orienteering run or treasure hunt. Get near the treasure and unlock content.

Icon of quiz trophy add-on
  • Quiz
  • £13/month

Create quizzes and contests about your area that can be used by app users.

Icon of hand scraping add-on
  • Shading
  • £13/month

Mark areas on the map to indicate “no access”, “limited accessibility”, and so on. Can be time-based to indicate opening hours of different areas.

Our customers are saying

"GeoGuide fulfils our need to help our guests find their way on the roads and trails in the national park, and to give customers knowledge about the nature and cultural history at interesting locations. We have worked with Combine and the other national parks for several years and are very satisfied with the product and cooperation."

Bo Bredal Immersen / Project Leader, Information and Outdoor Activities
Thy National Park
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  • Logo of Mols nationalpark
  • Logo of vadehavet nationalpark
  • Logo of nationalpark Thy
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Questions about our prices

How do I pay?

It is possible to pay by invoice or EAN. We’ll come to an agreement on the terms of your payment. As a starting point, all payments are made annually, in advance, so we charge your total annual subscription at startup.

Are there any extra costs?

GeoGuide comes with no additional fees. The base price of €400 per month covers access to your own online management system as well as a working app with places, routes, facilities, and much more.

It is possible to purchase several additional modules and functions, which you can read more about on this site.

Are there any startup costs?

GeoGuide starts up at no additional cost to you. GeoGuide is a standard app concept that adapts to your logo, title, and colour style – it's your content that defines what purpose your GeoGuide app will have.

You get your own login to the backend, and then you control the rest yourself. Are you missing features? Contact us and we will make an offer for you.

When does my subscription start?

The start date for your subscription is agreed upon when you sign your agreement. Typically, your subscription starts on the day we provide access to the app and management system.


What are the payment terms?

Terms of payment are stated in your standard GeoGuide contract. Unless otherwise agreed, they are set at 14 days.

How do I change my payment method?

If you would like to change your payment method, please contact your GeoGuide contact person and we will assist you further.

Can I freely add extra modules?

It is possible to add new modules to your GeoGuide subscription at any time. Just grab your GeoGuide contact and we will help you further.

I'm missing a feature, what do I do?

If you are missing a feature or want specific development in GeoGuide, just contact us and we will have a dialogue about your request. It is always possible to order a development project for a fee, based on an offer from the GeoGuide team. So, get in touch with us here on the site or through your GeoGuide contact and we will have a dialogue about your needs.

How much does it cost to develop a new feature?

New features are developed based on offers from the GeoGuide team. Based on the size of the project, you get an offer for development at a fixed hourly rate of €175.

When can I expect to launch a new app?

Launching your new GeoGuide app can be scheduled as you wish. We give you access to the management system a few days after you sign the agreement. Then it's up to you to fill in content, so the app is ready for release in the App Store and Play Store as soon as possible.

I have an existing app – can we import data into GeoGuide?

It is a known challenge for us to import data from existing apps, databases, and websites to your new GeoGuide app and management system. If you want to import data, just contact the GeoGuide team and we will investigate the task and send you an offer for the import.