Developed in collaboration with national parks, municipalities, and attractions

GeoGuide gives your organisation a single digital solution to enhance outdoor experiences. We want to support and expand people’s experience in nature so we offer an app concept where everyone can participate.

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Frequently asked questions

How does GeoGuide benefit my area or organisation?

GeoGuide has lots of professional features that are already used by many customers. We are happy to discuss more about what GeoGuide can do for you, or whether GeoGuide fits your expectations and needs.

Contact us here on the site or grab your GeoGuide contact and we’ll tell you how a GeoGuide app can help you and your organisation communicate the experiences in your area.

Apps are expensive to develop and maintain and don’t fit into our budget

It is true that apps are often very expensive to develop. With GeoGuide, we have created a standard solution that is approved by existing customers and costs you nothing to get started. You sign up to pay from £350 per month and are up and running with your new app.

GeoGuide removes all major fees and startup and development costs.

Aren’t apps difficult to maintain?

Apps are usually difficult to maintain or make you reliant on developers and others to update your content.

This is not the case with GeoGuide. We have created a platform in Umbraco 8 CMS, where you can easily and quickly update your content in a state-of-the-art management system. Your app will be at least as easy to update as a website.

Built to be managed by all types of users, GeoGuide is designed simply and easily with a clear focus.

Why invest in an app that can take focus from the experience?

Many apps can feel like a disruptive element in the experience. We have taken this into account by designing GeoGuide according to a before, during, and after principle, where we have thought value into all three phases.

Your guests (app users) will find value in the app while preparing for a visit (before); while interacting with your area (during); and as they evaluate, favourite, and return for another visit (after).

The purpose of GeoGuide is to make all your points of interest accessible to your current and potential guests and inspire a visit to your area!

How much time should I expect to spend on app administration?

Of course, filling an app with content is time consuming. However, it's up to you how much and what content you want in the app. Once your app is created with content, it's an easy task to maintain it.

We want to help you get started with your new app, so we are also happy to assist with importing data from existing platforms or anything else that can make your startup of GeoGuide even easier. Just contact your GeoGuide contact or write to us here on the site and to have a dialogue about your challenges.

What skills do we need to administer the app?

Traditional app development often requires special skills for development and administration. GeoGuide has solved this by offering a fully developed product where you simply stand for the content. Anyone can manage the GeoGuide app. We have also made video guides as well as thorough help texts, so many common questions have been taken into account.

If you still have any doubts, you can always contact your GeoGuide contact person or our support team and we will help you further.

We have international guests. Can GeoGuide handle different languages?

GeoGuide easily manages multiple languages – you simply select the languages you want and paste your translations directly into the management system. You can easily compare your texts in the selected languages so that you convey the same meaning no matter what language the app is in.

We have tons of content already. Can we move it to the app?

We have a lot of experience in importing data from different databases to GeoGuide. Just contact us with your data import challenge and we will take a look at the task and prepare a quote for your data transfer.

Is GeoGuide continuously developed and maintained?

Some say that apps can die if they aren’t developed over time, and that can get expensive. We make adjustments to GeoGuide on an ongoing basis so that it stays modern and up to date with trends and best practice recommendations for app development. That way, your GeoGuide license is not only a powerful product today, but also in 3-4 years when the mobiles, screens, operating systems, and trends are different than today.

We also add ongoing features to GeoGuide so your possibilities with GeoGuide will also get better and more comprehensive over time.

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Complete independence from developers and others

GeoGuide comes with a standalone management system (Umbraco 8 CMS) that allows you to upload and update content at your convenience.

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Your own app – styled with your colours and logo

Even though GeoGuide is a universal app, no two GeoGuide apps are the same. It is your title, your content, and your communication that define the quality!

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You get an app at a very low, competitive price

GeoGuide is designed and developed with the users in focus. Anyone can both update and use the app – both your staff and your guests. Anywhere, anytime.

GeoGuide supports nature experiences for everyone!

The purpose of GeoGuide is to spread the knowledge of nature's experiences. We want to enhance the experience of outdoor spaces and nature with a digital twist. Your very own app can convey and tell the story of all the special places, routes, history, etc.

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Still in doubt as to whether GeoGuide is for you or your organisation? Or do you just want to spar about how you convey your digital experience? Get in touch with us by email or phone – we're here to help.

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