GeoGuide Modules

GeoGuide is continuously updating and developing the app with new features and exciting modules to ensure we provide value for both you and your Visitors.

Educational Module

Engage your Visitors by creating quizzes or competitions relating to the POI’s and attractions within your Destination. A fun activity for schools, families and Visitors in general.

Voucher Module

Visitors can access Vouchers and get discounts on tickets to attractions, events, restaurants etc. A great way to connect Visitors with local businesses and create loyalty.

Notification Module

Send notifications to your Visitors about events, places nearby, vouchers or practical information, anything to enhance their experience and to make sure they get the best out of their stay. A great way to keep Visitors engaged and informed about what’s happening in your Destination.


Show future events and activities in the app, including the possibility for Visitors to register and to add them directly to their calendar.

Web Map

Display your places and routes on a map that also can be used on your website, on touchscreens, in Visitor Information Centers etc.

Swipe codes

Visitors get access to places, routes, quizzes, etc by using specially created swipe codes. Great for treasure hunts.

Open API

We develop a custom integration between your main CMS and GeoGuide. This integration automatically updates your GeoGuide app whenever changes are made in your CMS.

Your own app with no startup costs



Invoiced annually

No startup fee

Starter package for Destinations with the courage to start the digitization of local experiences. Contains everything you need to launch a state of the art app.

Starter includes

Native iOS + Android apps

An app that works on both iOS and Android mobile devices, customized for your organization. Continuous maintenance is guaranteed through the license agreement.

Cloud-based CMS

A state-of-the-art CMS where you manage all the data going through the app. Comes with cloud storage.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users to access the App.

Places & POI's

Display and describe the Places and Points of Interest within your Destination. Promote lesser-known attractions and guide your Visitors to authentic experiences.


Show your walking and bicycle routes and trails on a digital map. Create new Routes depending on seasonality, theme, promotions etc.

Images, video & audio

Enhance the Visitor experience by adding various media to different Points of Interest.


Create the Categories that suit your Destination (e.g. restaurants, shopping, parks, walking routes, etc) to help your Visitors navigate smoothly within the app. Visitors can easily filter through the categories and find the information they’re looking for.


Show facilities such as parking, restrooms and dining options on the map.

Practical information

Provide your Visitors with general helpful information such as emergency contacts, FAQ’s, restricted areas, local info, etc.


The app comes with a search function, allowing Visitors to search for specific content.


Visitors can add places, routes, etc. as their favorites and easily navigate to them. Very useful feature when planning their trip.


Mark whole areas on a map to indicate the possibility of ‘particular animal sightings’, ‘no access’, ‘restricted area’ etc.


This feature lets Visitors download and print maps and other information about routes and POI’s if they prefer to carry paper maps. Useful for children who want to draw on the map what they see while exploring nature.

Works Offline

GeoGuide’s offline map functionality lets your Visitors navigate in areas with no internet using their smartphone’s GPS tracker. Visitors can still access video, audio, quizzes and other content.


You can recommend walking and bicycle routes, POI’s and attractions to your Visitors, so they appear first on the screen. Can be used as a promotion tool to ensure your Visitors don’t miss any attractions or events that you recommend.

Timed Feature

Add and automate a start/finish time on Vouchers, Events, promotional offers or restricted areas, seasonal notifications and more.

Unlimited support

We’re always happy to help you with any questions you might have or if any issues arise.



Invoiced annually

No startup fee

Most frequently chosen solution for Nature Parks & The Outdoors. Designed to guide, educate and create experiences.

Includes Starter, plus



Invoiced annually

No startup fee

Starting point for Destinations that have a lot to offer. Keep your visitors engaged and updated with a unique app experience.

Includes Starter, plus



Invoiced annually

Variable start-up fee

Full solution at a discount! Unique setup based on all available modules and functionality. Our Open API allows you to exchange data from other systems.

Includes Starter, plus

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