The Web Map works with the app and CMS

• Give your Visitors with an overview of your Destination using a simple, clean and aesthetically pleasing Web Map that is easy to read. • Display your Routes, Places, Attractions, Events, etc., on an interactable Web Map that can be used on your website, in Visitor Information Centers, on touchscreens and other places where you want to communicate information about your Destination to the public. • The Web Map is the same as on the app, where visitors can filter the information by category to reduce visual pollution. • They can click on the relevant nature walk, historic building, event or attraction and read about it – just like on the app. • The map can be viewed in standard, hybrid or satellite view, depending on what is easiest for the Visitor to navigate in. • Visitors also have the option to download and print the map along with its information on points of interest, if they prefer to have everything in paper format.

Let your guests plan their trip from home.

With GeoGuide web map. Your visitors have the possibility to print their favourite bicycle routes, backtrack trials, fascinating places and events etc.

All content administrates from an administration system.

The administration system, app and web map work together. Which means everything your plan in the administration system is shown in the app and on the web map.

Easy, quick and effective integration, on your homepage, touchscreen, tourist information or similar information.

With the web map from GeoGuide, you have the opportunity to integrate the web map on your homepage, touchscreen and tourist information. Grab the opportunity and increase the visibility of your bicycle routes, backtrack trials, fascinating places and events.

The web map will cost you £95 pr. month.

The web map is an acquisition feature you have the possibility to buy on top of the GeoGuide license. Contact us here on the site or use the contact form, so we can tell you a little more about how the web map can help your organization with the communication of events in your area.