Your area, your app, your content

With GeoGuide you have full control over your content and can decide which features your guests can access. GeoGuide comes with a host of options that will only make your app even better. Enhance your story with pictures, audio, and video and make your physical leaflets digital

Developed with users in focus

GeoGuide is developed with your guests in focus. We involve users throughout the design process, ensuring that GeoGuide is easy to navigate and utilize by all types of users. We provide easy and intuitive navigation as well as a modern and contemporary design, you provide the content that will enhance users’ experience of your area.

GeoGuide aims to support and not disturb the user in the experience and can be used before, during, and after the visit to your area.

Customize your app with a variety of modules

Map-based representation of your area

GeoGuide is based on the geography of your area. Your analogue maps and leaflets are made digital in one and the same solution.

Discover important places

Tell the story of your area's important locations and enhance the story with text, images, audio, and video.

Take a tour with routes

Draw your route on the map or upload a GPX file and visualize your route, whatever the means of transport. Add locations to the route to give the full experience!

Offline map

Integrate an offline map so the app works 100% without a mobile connection.

Facilities and contact info

Easily add amenities and contact info to your locations. Indicate the availability of parking, toilets, accommodation, and so on.

Purchase of add-ons

GeoGuide allows you to purchase several additional features (add-ons). Enrich your site with a web map of the area, quiz your users, set up time-limited events, and more.

You own app in a recognisable design

Based on your branding and tone, you get an app full of useful features for your guests – developed in cooperation with the Danish national parks and other stakeholders. We have created GeoGuide to suit many purposes – You adapt the content to your target audience