Used by parks, cities, and festivals

GeoGuide is designed and developed in collaboration with many stakeholders who have also become customers. That is why we are sure that GeoGuide fits most needs – even for your area.

Digitally support your visitors’ experience

Show your routes, attractions, buildings, and more in the app. GeoGuide is your digital guide - developed with the aim of enhancing experiences, while not being a disruptive element.

Collect all material into one digital solution

Gather all leaflets, guides, maps, and other information in one digital platform. Make it more accessible to both you and your guests. Save the cost and environmental impact of printing.

How does GeoGuide work?

GeoGuide consists of an app as well as a backend to manage your content. All content is created, updated, and maintained in the backend, which is built on Umbraco 8 CMS. You control when you want to send updates to users with a single click, completely independent of developers and others.

1. Mobile app & Backend

Receive your personalised app, together with the backend and we will onboard your content.

2. Managing the Content

The GeoGuide team will take care of uploading your content into the backend and personalise it to your organisational needs.

3. Publishing the Content

After the content has been uploaded to the backend, we will make sure the app has all the data it needs and keep it updated.

4. Ready to go live!

The content is live on the app and is ready for your visitors!

Your own app in a recognisable design

Based on your branding, you get an app for your visitors, full of hi-tech features – developed in cooperation with the Danish national parks and other stakeholders. We have created GeoGuide to suit many purposes – You adapt the content to your target audience.

Our customers are saying

"We have been working with Geoguide to produce an app for Visit Exeter. We have found the team at Geoguide to be very helpful and knowledgeable, and they have taken the time to work with us at length to get the app to how we wanted it. We are pleased with the final result and look forward to continuing to work with Geoguide!"

Claire Toze / Marketing Officer

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